Tips To Make A Residential Painting

The Differences Between Residential & Commercial Painting

Residential vs Commercial Painting

Of course both commercial and residential painters are basically providing the same type of service, but there are decisions that should be made when comparing the two. Residential painters can confidently complete in-home painting tasks that usually consist of rooms in your house, whereas commercial painters are equipped to paint larger areas. Read on to learn more about the two kinds of painting that will help you understand more in-depth what the differences between them are.

1. Commercial Painters

A commercial painter takes on larger scale jobs. Work such as apartment buildings, stores, restaurants etc.

They can schedule paint jobs whenever you need and work with your schedule easily.

Commercial painting contractors usually offer a larger range of painting services such as epoxy flooring, faux-finishing, sandblasting, etc.

Typically they will be a larger scale painting company that has more employees which makes scheduling a painting job easier on your schedule since there are more people available to work.

2. Residential Painters

Residential painters typically paint smaller scale jobs. Working solely on your home, the name “residential” is what defines them.

These painters usually work within the regular work day hours from Monday to Friday.

They usually have a few good men who are highly trained and experienced with painting duties. They can complete paint jobs in your house very quickly and efficiently.

Because residential painting companies consist of a few employees, the self-employed business owner handpicks his painters based on their specific set of skills in the painting industry.

Both commercial and residential painters are professionals and will most certainly get the job done right, but whether you are a homeowner or a business owner can be the deciding factor of which route to take. The differences between residential and commercial painting are explained in a nutshell, and hopefully it will be an easy decision to make.

What Is a Painting Contractor?

A painting contractor can work as a sub, or sub-contractor, under a general contractor, or can hire itself out directly to the homeowner. Usually, the painting contractor is a relatively small operation, ranging from the one-man sole proprietor up to 20 or 30 painters working for a small company.

What Would a Painting Contractor Do?

Most painting contractors will take on any kind of job, from merely painting your window trim to a full-house paint job. But let us assume that they are painting your interior. You can usually expect:

  • Coverage of all areas that will not be painted, such as floors, windows, kitchen counters, and cabinets.
  • Minor surface preparation before painting, which means light sanding and scraping away loose paint, tapping in a few protruding nails, cleaning off the woodwork, using tackcloth in some areas. The key here is “minor,” as the contractor will assume that the house is mostly in paint-ready condition.
  • Removal of electrical plates, lights, doors, and other obstacles.
  • Moving furniture away for better access to the areas to be painted. This is not a painter’s job, so you would need to confirm this beforehand.
  • Priming new drywall or the current paint with an interior latex primer.
  • Two coats of the color of interior latex paint on the walls.
  • Two coats of ceiling paint.
  • Painting the trim and molding (baseboards, window trim, window muntins, etc.).
  • Touchups of missed spots.
  • Cleanups for accidents (no matter how good the coverage with drop-cloths, some drips will happen).
  • A final evaluation between painting foreman and homeowner.



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What is the role of painting contractors in the residential painting?

Residential painting services are crucial for home renovation project and for the house repainting job. The painting contractors provide the painting services for both commercial and residential buildings.

They are experts in repainting jobs and help in carrying out the home renovation task very swiftly. You can expect to get a wide range of renovation jobs, remodeling services with a complete satisfaction.

Some of the other services provided by the painting contractors include the flooring and the ceiling work, the concrete repair task, filling up cracks, gaps, house cleaning. Hence, when you hire someone to paint the home, you do not need the mason for the masonry work. Hence, you save, time, money and effort.

What is the need for insurance in the painting work?

There are many painting companies that provide proper insurance and the guarantee of the work on time. In the painting contract, insurance is the vital factor to consider. If the contractor has the relevant credentials, you can feel secured about the work done in your estate. The fully bonded and the insured painting company will finish the job in time and also render quality results. It is not possible for you to handle painting work on your own.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professionals to Paint the Interior of Your Home

Painting the inside of your house can be a costly and time-consuming process. Here are seven reasons why you need to hire professional house painters.

Painting your home, whether the interior or exterior, is a tedious task no matter how skilled you think you may be. And, with so many home trends calling for painted walls, who has the time, patience and skill set to paint their walls to make their home look like a Pinterest house?

Luckily, professional house painters can give your home that makeover you’ve always wanted with half the time and energy that you would’ve put in.

Painting isn’t the easiest job, and these seven reasons why you should hire professional house painters will show you why.

1. Insurance

Professional painters not only do the hard work for you, but they’re also insured with the correct licensing to complete your painting job safely. When a painting company is properly insured, any damage costs that arise are taken care of by the contractors themselves.

2. Time

Because not only do you have to incorporate the time it takes to actually paint, but you also have to factor in the time it takes to purchase supplies, set up, prep and clean up. Not to mention having to take even more time to deal with any problems that arise.

Professional house painters allow you to sit back and relax or spend your time doing activities that you actually enjoy while professionals do the hard work for you.

3. Quality Results

No offense to the amateur painters out there, but anyone can buy a can of paint and start slapping it on the wall. But professional house painters yield quality results every time.

This means no paint will drip onto your baseboard or carpets, you will have evenly painted walls and they will use the proper paint designed for your walls.

4. Efficiency

Remember that professionals essentially do the same exact thing 40 hours a week. This means that they have a perfected system to get in, get the job done and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What might result in a day-long project for the average Joe might take a professional just a few hours.

5. Well Equipped

If you’re tackling a painting job for the first time, chances are you probably don’t have any of the proper equipment to get the job done. Instead of going out and purchasing brand new painting equipment, hire a professional painting company.

They already have all of the equipment needed to take care of your project. And, chances are, they probably have some of the best equipment to promote efficiency and quality work.

6. Painting Suggestions

Instead of trying to guess what type of paint or what color you should use, or asking Alexa, a professional painting company can provide you with all of the suggestions and knowledge that you could ever want.

7. Details Are Perfected

Painting can be a very detailed job. And, without any painting experience, it can be difficult to know what details to look for. Professional painters are trained to perfect even the tiniest of details so their clients are satisfied at the end of their painting project.