Must Know How To Do Commercial Electrical Maintenance


If you’re a commercial property owner in Saugus, Massachusetts or surrounding areas, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about electricians. Most days, your lights turn on the way they should, you and your tenants are satisfied with internal and external lighting, and you go about your day thinking about more important things.

But then something goes wrong.

There’s an ice storm and your entire building loses power. Or a pesky tenant plugs in a piece of new equipment and blows the circuit for the entire building. Or maybe your air conditioning unit goes out in the middle of summer and you’re at risk for losing all of your perishable inventory. These unexpected problems are why it pays to have a commercial electrician you can call at a moment’s notice. When you’re having an electrical emergency, the last thing you want to do is shop around for commercial electricians. You need a competent, reliable company to help you, and you need it FAST.


Sure, you could conduct a quick Google search for “electrical services in New Haven” or even pick up the good, old fashioned phone book and call the first commercial electrician you see. But that’s rarely the best way to find an emergency electrician you trust. You wouldn’t choose a remodeling company, a general manager, or a food supply vendor without doing your research, and the same applies to choosing electrical services. Do it carefully, and you’ll create a relationship that will benefit your business for life!


Let us be perfectly clear, not every electrician in Saugus is cut out to be a commercial electrician, especially if you have a particularly large company. The equipment, skills, and team size of a residential electrician are vastly different than a commercial electrician. Commercial and residential electrical work are completely different in terms of energy needs, load demands, and equipment setup. Hiring the wrong one can mean a delay in repairs, which translates to lost revenue for your company.


Even if a commercial electrician has the skills, it’s not worth hiring them unless they also have the proper licensing and insurance to work in your state. Hiring an electrician who’s not properly licensed and insured could be a financial disaster for your Saugus business if something goes wrong during the repairs. Medford Wellington is fully licensed and insured to provide services throughout the Northeast, including Master Electrician services in Massachusetts.


I’m willing to bet you’re a great electrician. Chances are, you built your business based on your high-quality services, experience, and passion for your craft. It’s a hard thing to do, and if your electrical contracting business has lasted more than two years, you’ve already outperformed 34 percent of small businesses. Bump that up to five years, and your company has lasted longer than 50 percent of your peers.

Your experience and industry passion won’t be enough to grow your business much more than it already has. Not only is competition the fiercest it’s ever been, but you also have to take into account the recent digital transformation—97 percent of consumers now go online to find local businesses, and while word of mouth used to be your primary source of leads, the review generation and recommendation process has moved online to places like Google, Nextdoor, and other online directories.

With the right combination of online marketing strategies, you can create a self-sustaining flow of quality leads and booked jobs that will not only boost your bottom line, but also establish you as THE electrical authority in your market. Contractors make up more than 50 percent of Blue Corona’s base, and we’ve spent the last decade testing, tracking, and tweaking various electrical contractor marketing strategies—so we know what works and what doesn’t to increase booked jobs. Below I’ve outlined 10 tried-and-true electrician marketing strategies that we use for our electrical clients and that we have proven will increase qualified leads and booked jobs.

You Need a Great Electrician Website Design

Since 97 percent of consumers go online to find local services, your website is likely the first interaction prospects will have with your company. But, it’s not enough to just HAVE a website—75 percent of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design and 48 percent say it’s the top factor in assessing credibility. Not only that, but a single bad experience on a website also makes users 88 percent less likely to visit the website again

You Need to Master Search Engine Optimization for Electrical Contractors

We’ve covered how you need a great website. Now—can your website be found in search engines? Unless you’ve  invested in search engine optimization (SEO) before, the answer is “probably not.” SEO is the process of altering your website content and code to help search engines understand what your page is about and, as a result, help your relevant web pages rank higher for specific search queries. If you’re one the electricians who say “I optimized my website for search engines YEARS ago—I don’t need to do it again,” I have bad news: SEO has changed drastically over the past few years, and what it took to rank in 2015 doesn’t necessarily apply anymore

Simple Marketing Tricks for Electricians and Electrical Contractors

When you first decided to go into business yourself—marketing probably wasn’t your biggest “top of mind” priority. And if you’re like most of us—with hundreds of things you jungle in a week—we doubt it’ll ever be your number one concern.

Too often, when we ask for advice on how to market our electrical contracting business, we get bombarded with hyper-technical, overwhelming, time-consuming advice. You hear about the nuances of branding, paid advertising “hacks,” and high-level campaign strategies that take expertise to implement.

Keep your target customer close

Who do you like working with? What sort of jobs have been the most profitable for you in the past? Knowing who to market to, and who to network with, is half the business-growth-strategy battle

Keep your existing customers closer.

As any marketer will tell you: it always costs less to retain a customer than to acquire a new customer. So what happens after you finish a project?  The easy route: “Say thanks, collect a check, throw out a quick ‘call us again if you need us.’  A better route is: “stay on their radar.”

Own your online presence.

There’s no real way to sugar coat it anymore. If you own a business, it needs to be findable in search. You’ll want a website that puts your best foot forward, and an established presence on review sites and social media.



Before undertaking so much as a Google search you need to initially establish what your needs actually are, as well as considering what your short, medium long term goals are if your project or needs are ongoing or involve premises that may have expansion works undertaken over time


There are many realms in which you may be able to make savvy savings by shopping around, from commercial utilities through to everyday postage needs, however a commercial electrician is most certainly not one area in which you should be scrimping. So always remember that when dealing with electrical services, the cheapest option is a nonstarter. That being said, commercial electrician services should be priced fairly for the expert service that you’re to receive, and as such it may be advisable that you gather a good number of quotes so that you can compare and contrast what is on offer. Of course amongst these you should always look out for those who are priced significantly higher or lower, with the former signalling unfair pricing, and the latter signalling a company that may be inexperienced and underqualified


Within any services realm, reputation is everything, but particularly so when choosing a commercial electrician. So be sure to ask the company in question for client testimonials (as well as the contact details of these clients, should you wish to check out the validity of the comments in person).


The qualifications that commercial electricians must meet are the same as those that residential electricians must possess. Specifically this means that each electrician must hold a minimum of an NVQ Level three in electrical installation. Although this must then be coupled with the next point


Hands on experience is absolutely essential within the commercial electrician realm and, regardless of the qualifications that a company can boast, the need for demonstrating their work upon similar projects is a must if you’re to truly be assured that the company in question are up to the task

Tips For Finding The Best Commercial Plumbing Company

Having a local plumbing company that you can rely on is important for any commercial property owner. Whether you own a retail business or an apartment complex, hiring the right company is vital. Commercial plumbers can provide a variety of services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and emergency services. The following are some tips that can help you find the best commercial plumbing company

Choose a qualified and experienced plumbing company

The most important part of choosing a plumbing company is finding one that can perform commercial services. The plumbers you choose should specialize in this type of work. If you choose a plumbing company that is more experienced in residential work, you may find that your needs cannot be met. Commercial plumbing may also require different standards and may have different regulations than residential. Be sure to choose a company that is qualified, as well as knowledgeable about local codes

Look for reliable plumbing companies

Finding an experienced commercial plumbing company is important, but you should also make sure the plumbers are reliable. You can look online for reviews about most local plumbing companies and ask your friends and family who they recommend. While you are looking for reviews, you can also verify that the plumbers you are interested in are experienced in commercial plumbing. Reliability includes the ability to call your plumbers whenever you need them, so look for companies that offer 24 hour services.

Make sure to find plumbers who offer a variety of services

Hydro jetting is one of the most important services that commercial plumbing companies can provide. This service is used for cleaning drain lines on commercial properties for the purpose of preventative maintenance. Hydro jetting uses water that is pushed through a high pressure hose to remove clogs, debris, and residues that stick in plumbing pipes